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Preparing Your Quilt Top and Backing

Steps to prepare Quilt Top:

*Please note that each of the 3 layers (Top, Batting and Backing) will be mounted on the machine separately. DO NOT stitch or baste them together.

1) Mark the TOP EDGE of your Quilt Top and Backing Fabric with the labels supplied at the bottom of the Order Form. Cut the Labels on the dotted lines and use a safety pin to attach them to your Quilt Top and Backing Fabric.
2) Trim all excess seams and points.
3) Trim all loose threads.
4) Press all seams flat.
5) STITCH around the outer perimeter of your quilt top approximately 1/8” from the edge to prevent any seams from pulling open during the quilting process.

Steps to Prepare Backing Fabric:

*Backing and Batting size must be at least 8” wider and longer than the Quilt Top. When purchasing your fabric, remember to allow for 5% shrinkage when determining the yardage you will need.

1) Backing must be Square, meaning the Top & Bottom edges must be parallel to each other and the corners 90° angles. Each side should also measure the same length.
2) If your Back is pieced, use a 1/2” seam and be sure to trim off all selvage edges. Press the seam to one side.

You will fill out an order form in store. If you have any questions please feel free to call Loretta (254) 694-0084, or send an email.

Machine Quilting Prices

Basting for Hand Quilting: 1 cent per square inch

Edge to Edge Quilting: 1.75 cents per square inch

*Minimum charge of $45.00

Custom Quilting: 5 cents to 8 cents per square inch

Price will be based on complexity of designs, number of designs used, number of thread changes and number of borders. I would be glad to give you a consultation on your quilt, or you may call or email for a quote.

The prices above DO NOT include batting, backing, binding, pressing or squaring.

How to determine the price for your quilt:

Multiply the length of the top by the width to get the total number of square inches. Multiply this number by the price above.

Example: 60” width x 80” length = 4,800 square inches 4,800 x 0.0175 = $84.00

Additional Charges


Warm & Natural All Natural Cotton $9.00 per yard

Hobbs 80/20 blend $10.00 per yard

Backing: Price depends on fabric choice. General cost is between $12.99 - $18.99 per yard.

Thread: Basic thread charge $8.00 and Specialty thread $10.00 and up.

Additional Services Offered

Pressing: $10.00

Squaring: $15.00

Binding: 17 cents per inch

This includes squaring the quilt, cutting and piecing the binding, sewing binding to front of quilt and blind stitching to back by hand.
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